Antastha Yoga is a holistic approach by which the human being is perceived in its integrity and is being guided deep within. It is the pure expression of a combined modern understanding of the multidimensionality of a human being with a traditional, ancient yogic wisdom integrating the body, mind and soul. 


We are challenged in day-to-day life with information overload. Our brains and memories need

to digest all this information. It is very challenging to sit in meditation when there is so much to be processed. Since most of our world is available at our fingertips, we barely move, which creates a restless mind and a painful body. So our mind needs stillness and our body needs movement.

Antastha provides a perfect combination of stillness and movement at the same time. 


The essence of Antastha Yoga is twofold: withdrawal of sense through pratyahara, achieved using a blindfold, and self- study through Swadhyaya. Through the use of a blindfold, you are drowned to tap into your innermost potential to practice the asana, thus reaching a meditational state. Not having any visual reference point sharpens your clarity of mind and opens you to new realms of reality. You are instantly tuned into yourself, free from physical or emotional blockages. And these are key ingredients to a successful and happy life. 


Other essential part of Antastha Yoga is Yogamalish: based on the old tradition of the Akharas, the spiritual and physical training centres,Yogamalish was created: a practice inducing healing and unexpected flexibility. A combination of self-massage in a warm room with ayurvedic oil while practicing a specific asana series let you glide deeper into the asanas and into a meditative state.

Furthermore, the precise hands-on adjustments used during Antastha practice enables you to unlock positions and find unexplored potential within your body. 

Tools and techniques were gathered over the last decades, combining ancient wisdom of Yoga for health improvement with modern psychology and scientific knowledge to create an immediate support. 

The practice of Antastha Yoga will improve and heal issues on the physical level and will also be an effective way to get relief from mental and emotional challenges.